Researchers are still in the race of finding out that whether massage helps to recover after heavy exercises or it enhances repeated sports performance. If you’re already into your workout sessions, next time when you finish your intense exercise hour, try to get a quick massage. An immediate massage after heavy workout could help your muscles recover faster. It could help your muscle cells in two ways. Firstly, it can decrease the inflammation caused by exercise. This can give you the same relief sensation as if you have taken a pain killer. Secondly, it can immediately start to turn up the production of mitochondria- power house of the cells. As muscle cells become adapted to endurance exercises, the number of mitochondria increases. Massage seems to fasten this process.

Post-workout massages not only makes you feel better, but also helps drastically in the recovery and strengthening of your muscles. Lot of researches have been conducted over the years on this debate whether massage is directly related to athletics? The answer is yes, it is. The investigation shows the following benefits:

  • Boosts up your performance
  • Helps to recover muscular soreness
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Proves to be a great stress reliever
  • Increases the range of motion
  • Body and mind relaxer

Studies prove that there are five massage techniques for post-workout recovery. You must try one of these massage techniques to improve your performance and have a relaxed time. Every athlete out there, try considering adding these effective massages into your routine to get the best results.

  1. Swedish Massage

What this massage includes is rolling, kneading and long strokes, using oil or lotion to reduce friction or pulling. It goes around the same pattern through which the blood circulates in our body. It gives one of the best relaxing sensation and also helps to flush out the metabolic wastes from your muscles.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

This is a focused and a vigorous massage which targets the deepest layers of your muscles. Hands, forearms, elbows and finger tips are used to target the area which needs treatment. Deep tissue massage is less for relaxing and a bit more for healing.

  • Reflexology

It is a Chinese massage which targets the reflex areas in the feet, hand and ears. It helps in producing endorphins, eliminating toxins, reducing stress and increasing energy. Reflexology is one of the most soothing massage you will ever experience.

  • Sports Massage

It is also known as athlete’s massage. It helps improving athletic performance and prevent/treat sports injuries. It also promotes blood circulation and reduce soreness and tension after the activity.

  • Thai Massage

A blend of yoga, acupressure, stretching and massage! The main aim of this massage is to improve the muscular flexibility with improving the range of motion. The bottom line may be summed up as a reminder to all the athletes and people who often exercise, that you must start adding ‘the massage time’ right after you get finished with your exercise hour